Pyjama Tutorial

Cliff ripped the bum out if his new pyjamas!! It was funny at the time but I couldn’t fix them and didn’t want to just throw them out (really trying to reduce waste). So I decided to turn Cliffs pj bottoms into Eli’s and I transformed a plain top to match. This is how they turned out 🙂


I made the bottoms first. I got a pair of Eli’s pj bottoms, folded them in half and then drew around then on a piece of paper. I added about an inch to the top and bottom and about half an inch to the sides for seams and hems.


I cut out the pattern and then pinned it onto the old bottoms (you can obviously use new fabric!) I folded the fabric and placed the straight edge of the pattern on the fold. Cut it out and repeat for the other leg.
Now I opened out the fabric and placed them together, right sides facing. The rise needs sewing first so I pinned this area together and sewed it together.


Once done I laid them out so they look like trousers and pinned the seam on the inside of the legs. I then sewed this together.


I used the original hem on the bottom of Cliffs pj’s as Eli’s hem so didn’t need to do one with this pair, however you would fold over the fabric twice (half inch each fold) and then pin and sew.

Now I did the waist band. I folded over and pressed about half an inch and then repeated to give a channel for the elastic to live in. I sewed about 3mm from the top and then did the same around the bottom of the channel. Make sure to leave a couple of inches open to feed the elastic through. I pin a safety pin to one end of the elastic and pull it through making sure not to let the other end disappear in!


Finally close the hole and they are done!!

For the pj top I bought a cheap long sleeved, plain to to coordinate with the bottoms. I cut 2 rectangles of the pj bottom material. I turned the top inside out and pinned the rectangles to the top, right side of material facing wrong side of top. Make sure it is only pinned to the front of the top.


I then sewed around each rectangle and turned the top the right way round.


Now I very carefully cut the top fabric from the inside if each rectangle. I found the easiest way to do this was to pull apart both fabrics (you really don’t want to cut through the new piece of fabric!) Then cut from the centre to the each corner. (Don’t go right into the corner or you will cut through the stitching). I then cut about 2/3mm from the stitching so I was left with a small border of top material.


And that’s it pyjamas done 🙂 These pyjamas can be made for any size, child or adult! Happy sewing!


Handmade Christmas Gifts – Drawing Carry Bag

Now having a toddler and older kids means that some days a week little man has to wait around with me while the girls are in clubs. This results sometimes in a bored little person 😦
So I decided it would be nice for him to take some pencils and paper/colouring books with him. Now I could just put them in the baby bag, but wouldn’t it be nice if he had it in something he could take himself? I opted for a more elaborate take on a pencil role and made a fold up bag with space for pencils and paper/colouring books. This is it 🙂


So to make a drawing carry bag you will need:
a few pieces of coordinating material
A piece of plain fabric
sewing machine
30mm Bias binding

Firstly you need to cut your fabric. So you need for your bag 3 pieces 67cm by 32cm 2 of these should be your coordinating material and 1 should be plain fabric which you won’t see. This will be the main body of the bag. Then you need a coordinating piece and plain piece 26cm by 32cm, this will be for the large pocket. And then a coordinating piece and plain piece 28cm by 32cm, this is for the pencils and the smaller pocket.
Cut some bias and pin to one of the longer edges of the large pocket and both of the long edges of the small/pencil pocket. Sew on the binding.


Once you have done this you need to place your pockets onto the internal piece of the main fabric. Lay the large pocket on first lining the bottom up with the centre of the main fabric. Then lay the other pocket over this having around 10cmon the side for the pencils and the rest on the side with the large pocket. Pin it all together.


Sew a line through the centre to hold all of the pocket bottoms closed. Now you need to sew the lines for the pencil pockets. Starting at the centre of the bag mark 2cm intervals along the line you have just sewn then sew up to the top of the pencil pocket creating long thin pockets.
On the outside main piece sew on a piece of Velcro. Then take your bias binding and sew 2 pieces together back yo back so you end up with straps. Cut the bias into 3, you need to make handles (however long you would like them) and a piece around 8cm long. The smaller piece needs a piece of Velcro sewn on.
Now take all of your pieces and lay them as follows:
Main lining piece
Outer main piece – right side facing you
Handles at each end
Velcro tab at opposite end to the sewn on Velcro on the main piece
Inner main piece with sewn on pockets – wrong side facing you.
(Make sure the handles and Velcro strap are facing into the middle with a cm or 2 poking out the seam so your handles are in the right place when turned around)


Pin this all together and then sew around the edge leaving a gap to turn it the right way round. Once sewn clip the corners and turn it the right way round. I gave mine a quick press with the iron at this point to get all my edges straight etc. Now top stitch all the way round ensuring you close up the opening.


And that’s it done! All you need to do now is fill it with pencils and paper/colouring books.

I can’t wait to give it to Eli I think he will love it 🙂