Eboni’s Birthday :)

Today was Eboni’s 7th Birthday!
Time goes so very fast, she is growing up so fast. She is having a party at our local soft play on Saturday so we wanted to make today a bit special without having a party. Last night Cliff and I spent ages blowing up balloons. I then joined together 6 big sheets of tissue paper. We covered her bedroom door way with the tissue paper and filled it with the balloons. It was such a stealthy operation! Trying to hand noisy tissue paper is a challenge, but we did it without waking anyone. Here is her door way when we had finished 🙂


I really was expecting to miss it happen this morning. Eboni is a very early riser, but we woke up first!! We stood waiting for her to open her door and when she did it was amazing!!! The balloons fell like a waterfall all on her. She came out with the biggest smile on her face and that was the best thing ever 🙂
After that we went down stairs and had a drink, have her gifts which she loved and then had breakfast. After breakfast came the cake. She had a Disney Princess cake which she had asked for after we had bought it (good call or what!?)


After school we sat at the dinner table and started building the Lego Friends stables we got her. She is really good at it, I was quite surprised at how well she followed the instructions. We had dinner and then Granny came with more gifts…she was one very luck lady today.

Happy Birthday Eboni 🙂


Christmas Ornament Exchange – Glittered Acorn Bauble

I am a follower of the One Artsy Mama blog, which is amazing!

This year she set up a Christmas Ornament exchange  where you are paired up with someone and you send them an ornament and they send you one. This got me very excited!! As I am in the UK and One Artsy Mama is in the US I had to sign up internationally and got a lady in America 🙂

We were given some info about the type of ornaments we like and went from there. Now the lady I was given said she would love a traditional ornament from my country. This is where I hit a stumble! I asked friends what they thought that would be and no one knew! So I had to come up with something else. I decided if I couldn’t send something traditionally British I would send a small piece of it!! This came in the form of lots of little acorns collected from my girls school ground.

This is what I came up with.


To make this you will need:

  • Lots of acorn caps
  • A 70mm polystyrene ball
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter (I used gold)
  • PVA glue
  • Glue gun and sticks of glue
  • Plastic poly pocket (or similar)
  • Brown paint
  • Paint and glue brush
  • Skewer and jar


First thing you need to do is snip off all the twiggy bits from the acorn cups.

Now you need to cover the cups in PVA glue.


Once you have some covered in the glue (not advisable to do them all at once otherwise the glue on the first ones will have dried too much) you need to cover them in glitter! I found the easiest way to do tis was to put a little glitter in my palm and then put in the acorn cup and sprinkle on the glitter. This way the rim go glittered as well.


Pop the glittered acorns onto the poly pocket to dry. (The poly pocket is best to use so they don’t get stuck to it)


While they are drying take the polystyrene ball and push the skewer into it (not all the way out the other side though). Rest this in the jar and paint the ball brown, mine needed 2 coats.


Once the ball is dry take your ribbon, decide how long you want the bauble to hand then double it. Fold the ribbon in half and using your glue gun fix into place. (Sorry about the small image!)


Now comes the fun bit! Pop a bit of glue gun glue onto the top of each acorn cup (so the side you glittered) and push into the ball. I started at the top next to the ribbon and worked my way down. (Again sorry the image is small!)


Once completely covered, check each acorn edge has enough glitter on, if not, just pop a bit more glue on and give it another glitter! Some of this needed one doing. Finally I just made sure that the inside of each cup was clean and mostly glitter free.

I am so proud of my bauble and really hope the lady I sent it to likes it! Hopefully she should have it by the end of the week. Will update on what I receive and if she likes it!

Thanks to One Artsy Mama for this opportunity 🙂

Homemade…Natural…Peppermint Moisturising Lip Balm

After the success of the Coconut Hand cream I made the other day I have been looking forward to making the lip balm.

Here it is!


To make you need:

1.5 tbls Cocoa Butter
1tbls + 1tsp Beeswax
1.5 tsp Vitamin E oil
2 tsp Olive Oil
1 tsp Honey
1/2 tsp Peppermint Essential Oil
Lip balm tubes or tins


Melt the ingredients in a double boiler (I use a bowl over a pan of boiling water). The beeswax will take a little while the melt completely. Take off the heat and and add the essential oil. Give it a good mix together.
While still warm put the mix into your chosen container. I used lip balm tube sang found the easiest way to fill them was using a medicine syringe.


Once filled leave them a few minutes and then top up as the mixture gets a well in the centre as it firms up. Once happy leave them to cool before using or putting the lid on.

You can play around with the consistency of this by adjusting the amount of beeswax. More wax makes a firmer lip balm and less wax makes a softer one. You can also change the essential oil to any other you like. I was just feeling a bit festive!

Handmade Christmas Gifts – Pencil Roll

My next handmade Christmas gift is a pencil roll. These are so easy to make, you just need to be able to cut fabric and sew straight!


So you need to make a template first. I just used an empty cereal box. You need 2 pieces the large piece is 30 cm by 23 cm. The smaller piece is 30 cm by 10 cm. once drawn and cut out you need to cut out your fabric. Now my fabric wasn’t overly thick so I added an extra piece between my layers, if your fabric has a good weight don’t use the lining piece. You need to cut 2 patterned and 1 lining if the large template and 1 patterned and 1 lining of the small template.


Take the 2 smaller pieces and edge along the top with bias binding. Then you need the sew this piece onto one of the large patterned pieces. To do this pin it at the bottom and sew vertical lines at 2cm intervals.


Once you have gone all the way along it should look like this.


Now layer all your pieces together as follows…large lining piece, then the sewn piece facing up and then the remaining large patterned piece face down. Also at this point you need to add the ribbon which needs to be between the 2 patterned pieces in the middle, one end needs to be hanging out so it is sewn in. It should be like this.


Pin together and sew together, leaving a hole to turn it the right way.

When it is turned the right way straighten it out and pin the hole closed and top stitch all the way around.

And you are done!


Happy sewing 🙂


Homemade…Natural…Coconut Oil Hand Cream

OK, so here it is!! I waited until lunch time when Eli was asleep and I had to make it!

Now, before I show you the picture of the finished cream, please keep in mind I had no idea how much this was going to make to used a much to large a jar to store it in!


To make this amazing Coconut Oil Hand Cream you will need:


Put the 2 oils and the beeswax into the double boiler. Heat gently, stirring every now and again.


The coconut oil will melt quickly but the beeswax takes a little while longer. (The almond oil is already liquid).


Once the 3 ingredients are melted they will be a lovely yellow colour (if you used natural beeswax), now you can add the essential oils. Give it a good stir, take from the heat and pour into your chosen jar. Leave to cool completely before closing the lip of it will get condensation inside the jar.


Now you can play around with the consistency of the cream by adjusting the amount of beeswax…more makes a firmer cream and less makes a looser cream.

It is a really nice hand cream, here’s hoping I might have nice hands over winter now…not all cracked and dry like normal!

I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did.

Recipe from http://frugalgranola.com/