Eboni’s Birthday :)

Today was Eboni’s 7th Birthday!
Time goes so very fast, she is growing up so fast. She is having a party at our local soft play on Saturday so we wanted to make today a bit special without having a party. Last night Cliff and I spent ages blowing up balloons. I then joined together 6 big sheets of tissue paper. We covered her bedroom door way with the tissue paper and filled it with the balloons. It was such a stealthy operation! Trying to hand noisy tissue paper is a challenge, but we did it without waking anyone. Here is her door way when we had finished 🙂


I really was expecting to miss it happen this morning. Eboni is a very early riser, but we woke up first!! We stood waiting for her to open her door and when she did it was amazing!!! The balloons fell like a waterfall all on her. She came out with the biggest smile on her face and that was the best thing ever 🙂
After that we went down stairs and had a drink, have her gifts which she loved and then had breakfast. After breakfast came the cake. She had a Disney Princess cake which she had asked for after we had bought it (good call or what!?)


After school we sat at the dinner table and started building the Lego Friends stables we got her. She is really good at it, I was quite surprised at how well she followed the instructions. We had dinner and then Granny came with more gifts…she was one very luck lady today.

Happy Birthday Eboni 🙂


Advent – Day 1

Ok, it is the 1st December and that only means one thing…Christmas is coming!! I am getting a tad excited now, as are the girls.
The 1st for us is the day we start putting up the decorations and start the kids advent calendars. This year I made a huge advent calendar for them all to share. We normally buy the disposable character, chocolate ones…but to be honest they are a bit naff. Not to mention a waste of packaging that just ends up in the bin. So our new homemade calendar is made of felt and features the nativity scene in the centre which gets built up as advent goes on. A different person/animal/decoration is found in each of the 24 pockets which the kids will add to the scene. Also in each pocket we have added a kid friendly, festive joke, an activity and a chocolate each. We want to make this holiday so much more about time together, laughter and fun than about presents. So this is the calendar!


Today in pocket 1 was a star, the activity was to start putting up the Christmas decorations and the joke was ‘How do snowmen travel around?….By ice-icle!!’


Today we got the tree up with a few other little decorations dotted around 🙂 Me and the 3 kids had a blast putting on the decs. I used to be really anal about where to put them but have relaxed a lot on that. Eli did really well and was hanging things on the tree without help!


This is the finished tree 🙂


Eli loved testing the lights to make sure they still work 😉


We also decided this year to introduce The Elf On The Shelf to our traditions this year. He arrived in the number 1 pocket on the calendar. The girls are amazed by him and I really think he will make this year so much more magical for them. We have named him Edwin the Elf.


I will keep you updated on the elf and calendar throughout the run up to Christmas.

Happy 1st December 🙂