Upcycled Toy Box

On the organisation front I have been slowly going through things. It is a job I hate…but it must be done. I have sorted out folders for different bits of paper work that just ends up sitting on the kitchen sides for weeks before it gets sorted…usually the bin. 😦 But that has been about it.

There has been a fair sized, sturdy cardboard box floating around the kitchen for a few days and I decided it would be a good size for the toys that live downstairs. They have been just sat in the cupboard we are converting back into a fire place and it always looks a mess.


I took the box, some fabric and glue and got to work. I had all of what I needed left over from other projects so this has effectively cost me nothing! Bonus 🙂


I firstly decided I would keep the top flaps on rather than cut them off as they would strengthen the box a bit more (although it is double walled corrugated so it is pretty sturdy without). So I heated up the glue gun and glued the flaps down on the inside of the box.
Next I realised my material wouldn’t go around in one length so had to use 2 pieces. One length covered just over 3 sides of the 4. I covered one of the long sides and half of the bottom with PVA and carefully lined up the fabric so it was central. I then did this with both ends and about an inch around onto the last side at each end. I made sure to smooth out the fabric as I went to make it nice and flat with no bubbles.
For the other long side I cut a piece of material just slightly wider than the box and ‘hemmed’ it with fabric glue so that it became just slightly narrower than the box.
I then made the bottom nice by folding the fabric into points into the middle and gluing all the pieces that needed it. I then flipped the box and tucked the fabric inside the box and glued it down. The material goes down about half way on the inside.
So this is it finished and filled with toys 🙂


It took less than an hour to complete and I am really pleased with how it turned out.


Home Organisation – Earrings

I don’t have a huge selection of earrings as I only wear them occasionally, but they are always just tossed in my jewellery box. I am in the process of decluttering and organising the whole house! So I started small.
I had a piece of black plastic with holes in it that had come in a food packet. It was just the perfect size to put my earrings on. I have quite simply tied a piece of ribbon to the top of it to hang it up with. Ta-da!! Tidy earrings 🙂


Barbie Was Having A Bad Hair Day

As many of you with girls will know, Barbie doesn’t stay looking fresh in the hair department for long!

Eboni has a box full of Barbies with hair that looks…well a mess. So, I have spent a little time looking at different methods to remedy the problem and one thing that kept coming up was fabric softener and water spritzed on the hair.

Here is what I did…

This is one of the Barbies mentioned earlier.


I gathered what I needed which was…a Barbie, some fabric conditioner, a small spray bottle and a comb. I put 2 tbls of fabric conditioner into the spray bottled and filled it up with cold water.


Then I sprayed Barbies hair, front and back, until it was saturated.


I combed through the hair thoroughly to get out all that tangle, it does with relative ease. I rinsed out the fabric conditioner (carefully so as not to re-tangle!) and then let her hair dry in a warm spot.


And Barbie now has straight smooth hair again!


Eboni is really happy now her Barbie looks neat again.

Now to tackle the rest of the box!