Advent – Round up

Ok, in the last days in the run up to Christmas things got a bit hectic! Meaning my posting got waylaid. So here is the finished up advent calendar 🙂


The calendar ended up with 3 cows, 4 sheep, a donkey, 3 kings, 3 shepherds, 2 angels, Mary and Joseph, a star, 3 presents, a manger and baby Jesus.

I am so pleased with how it turned out and the kids enjoyed opening it up every day. I can’t wait to get it out next year 🙂

I hope you had a good christmas.


Advent – Days 12, 13 & 14

We have been so busy the past few days, so I am doing a 3 day catch up!

So in the calendar we have had a sheep, a shepherd and an angel 🙂


I really love how it is coming on now 🙂

The jokes we have had are:

‘What do you get if you eat christmas decorations?… Tinsel-itis!’

‘What do snowmen eat for breakfast?… Ice Krispies!’

‘What do you sing at a snowman’s birthday party?… Freeze a jolly good fellow!’

So as you can see they are still silly but fun jokes, the girls like them.

The 12th was the girls school nativity which was Babushka this year. Eboni was Babushka and Amber was a star 🙂 they did so well as did all of the other children. Every one remembered tge lines and didn’t need a prompt which was amazing and everyone was so proud! The girls school only has 15 children per year so reception, year 1 and 2 do their nativity together which is really nice.


On the 13th our activity was to start doing some christmas cross stitch . This went ok but will be slow going! I think my expectations were a bit high on this one.

And today (14th) we went to see Santa!!! We went to The Kent and East Sussex Railway and rode on a steam train where Santa came and saw the children and gave them a gift. Once we had done on the train we saw the snow queen and had a ride on the carousel. We all had an amazing time 🙂


Not long to go now!

Advent – Day 11

There was the first of the 3 kings in the 11th pocket today. He is nice and regal looking 😉


The joke today was ‘Which is the cheekiness reindeer?… Rude-olph!’

Our activity today was to finish the supporting teachers christmas presents. So the girls today have decorated 6 baubles with lots of glitter and ribbon 🙂 a They have turned out really well and I think will make a great gift with a bit of heart.
This is the girls glittering it up!


And here are the finished gifts


Advent – Day 10

Today we found a shepherd! The girls were expecting more animals so he was a nice surprise 🙂


The joke was ‘What do you get if you cross a shark and a snowman?…Frost Bite!’

The activity was for the children to write christmas cards for their friends. Eli even got in on it and did a card for his friend 🙂


Advent – Day 8

Today we found the 3rd and final cow in the calendar! It is becoming more of a scene now and I am so happy that I made it as it looks stunning in our room.


The joke today was ‘What’s an ig?… An Eskimos home without a loo!’
This was the first one that actually made us laugh 🙂

Our activity today was to put up more decorations. The house is so much more Christmasy now and I love it 🙂 We have ceiling decs up and window clings. Lights have gone up and little trees in the kids rooms.


That is our kitchen window from outside, I really am getting excited now!!

Advent – Day 7

Today in our advent calendar was the manger for baby Jesus to lay in.


The joke was ‘Why does Santa like to wear bells?… Because he loves a good bell-y laugh!’
Not the best joke in the world and the girls (and me to be honest!) didn’t get it!

The activity today was to make presents for the girls school teachers. So we started to make baubles for the teaching assistants. This activity is going to take a few days to complete but they should look great when finished 🙂

The girls had a good time painting the balls.