Homemade Fruit Roll Ups

I am trying different ways to get more fruit and veg into the family. So what better way than a fun fruit roll up? Sadly the ones you can get in the shops are full of junk and not much fruit.
The ones I have made have nothing other than fruit in them at all! Here is the finished result 🙂


To make these you will need…

500g (roughly) of fruit (I used cherries)
A pan
A baking sheet
Grease proof paper

Pop your fruit in the pan and heat gently to soften the fruit. Now depending on your fruit you might be able to just mash it into a purée here. If not you can use a stick blender to blitz it. (I did)


If your fruit has seeds in you might want to run the mix through a sieve, but that is up to you.
Now line your baking sheet with the grease proof paper and brush on a tiny, tiny amount of oil to stop the mix sticking. Pour on the fruit mix. It’s such a gorgeous colour.


Place this in the oven set to 60C. Leave the door open a tiny bit to let the moisture leave. You now need to leave it to dry out a bit for around 5 hours! This depends on your fruit really, I took mine out when the mix stopped sticking to my finger when I gently touched it.
Once cooled cut the sheet of fruit into long strips, keeping the paper on. I used scissors to do it and got 8 strips.


Now roll them up 🙂 And they are ready to go! Keep them in the fridge or freezer.

A simple recipe…just time consuming. But super tasty. I will be experimenting with flavours now to see what combos go well together. Happy rolling!


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