Happy New Year :)

Happy New Year…it is now 2014!!!
Time sure does fly, 2013 shot by. It has been a busy, happy and difficult year. We finally became debt free which was our biggest success. I am so proud of us for this. We have been in debt for the past 10 years and was very difficult to deal with…but we did 🙂
I discovered my total love for sewing, it makes me happy and calm which is amazing. 🙂
Amber started school and is thriving there. Eboni is still doing amazingly well at school (apart from a small hiccup with her handwriting laziness!!) and she passed her primary ballet exam with distinction and was the top of her class (proud mummy).
Eli has come on in leaps and bounds, his talking is fantastic now and he is such a funny little man.
Cliff has had a bad end to the year, we were having a fun afternoon at the park and he fell and damaged his leg. Has been laid up for the past few days 😦
We have sooooo much planned for this year. Our main aim is to start saving for a deposit to be able to buy our own house. Renting is such a massive pain (especially when your landlord is useless and impossible to get hold of!)
We have pretty much zero organisation in the house so that is being tackled in a huge way. Storage is my main grip! And things do t have their own place to go…so they don’t get put away.
The kids are on the whole well behaved but at times can be completely uncooperative so will be working with them to overcome most of it. They will also get more responsibility in the house, like simple jobs and to have more respect for their and everyone else’s belongings. And we will be making more time for them, one in one especially.
I have a list as long as my leg of sewing projects that I want to do, I really want to start making clothes 🙂 I have made the odd skirt but I want to do so much more!
Both Cliff and I are looking at returning to education. Cliff is looking at doing an IT degree with the Open University. I am not sure what to do! I really am leaning towards Homeopathy but I need to be completely sure.
Our diet over the years has become lazy and pretty rubbish. Cliff is a tad overweight which concerns us all. So we will be making huge changes to how and what we eat. I am going to go back to cooking from scratch, I really don’t like not knowing what is in our food. I will get the kids more involved in the cooking too.
And finally I will be looking for a part time job! This scares the heck out of me, I haven’t worked since December 2006!!!
I hope you have a wonderful year 🙂



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