The Elf On The Shelf – Days 15 – 19

Wow we have had a busy little elf!

On day 15 Edwin was found on the window ledge with 4 letters in his hands. The first was addressed to all three children and the letter inside was explains that the other envelopes had blank writing paper in it for the children to do their list on for Santa. The letter was lovely and talked a bit about Edwins time with us.


That evening we sat and wrote letters for Santa and we asked Edwin to take them back to Santa, which he did.

On the 16th Edwin had obviously been playing with one of the Christmas decorations! We have a springy reindeer soft toy and Edwin was discovered stuck within the spring!


The 17th was one of Edwin’s more random days! He was hanging on my underwear dryer, pegged at all four limbs!


The 18th the girls thought he hadn’t come back 😦 It wasn’t until Cliff made a drink and went in the fridge that he was discovered! He was sitting in one of the door pockets and had turned some milk green!!


The 19th found Edwin greeting our newest christmas decoration, the Nutcracker! He was in a bowl filled with Hama beads next to the Nutcracker and had been putting the beads on him!



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