Christmas Ornament Exchange – Glittered Acorn Bauble

I am a follower of the One Artsy Mama blog, which is amazing!

This year she set up a Christmas Ornament exchange  where you are paired up with someone and you send them an ornament and they send you one. This got me very excited!! As I am in the UK and One Artsy Mama is in the US I had to sign up internationally and got a lady in America 🙂

We were given some info about the type of ornaments we like and went from there. Now the lady I was given said she would love a traditional ornament from my country. This is where I hit a stumble! I asked friends what they thought that would be and no one knew! So I had to come up with something else. I decided if I couldn’t send something traditionally British I would send a small piece of it!! This came in the form of lots of little acorns collected from my girls school ground.

This is what I came up with.


To make this you will need:

  • Lots of acorn caps
  • A 70mm polystyrene ball
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter (I used gold)
  • PVA glue
  • Glue gun and sticks of glue
  • Plastic poly pocket (or similar)
  • Brown paint
  • Paint and glue brush
  • Skewer and jar


First thing you need to do is snip off all the twiggy bits from the acorn cups.

Now you need to cover the cups in PVA glue.


Once you have some covered in the glue (not advisable to do them all at once otherwise the glue on the first ones will have dried too much) you need to cover them in glitter! I found the easiest way to do tis was to put a little glitter in my palm and then put in the acorn cup and sprinkle on the glitter. This way the rim go glittered as well.


Pop the glittered acorns onto the poly pocket to dry. (The poly pocket is best to use so they don’t get stuck to it)


While they are drying take the polystyrene ball and push the skewer into it (not all the way out the other side though). Rest this in the jar and paint the ball brown, mine needed 2 coats.


Once the ball is dry take your ribbon, decide how long you want the bauble to hand then double it. Fold the ribbon in half and using your glue gun fix into place. (Sorry about the small image!)


Now comes the fun bit! Pop a bit of glue gun glue onto the top of each acorn cup (so the side you glittered) and push into the ball. I started at the top next to the ribbon and worked my way down. (Again sorry the image is small!)


Once completely covered, check each acorn edge has enough glitter on, if not, just pop a bit more glue on and give it another glitter! Some of this needed one doing. Finally I just made sure that the inside of each cup was clean and mostly glitter free.

I am so proud of my bauble and really hope the lady I sent it to likes it! Hopefully she should have it by the end of the week. Will update on what I receive and if she likes it!

Thanks to One Artsy Mama for this opportunity 🙂


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