Barbie Was Having A Bad Hair Day

As many of you with girls will know, Barbie doesn’t stay looking fresh in the hair department for long!

Eboni has a box full of Barbies with hair that looks…well a mess. So, I have spent a little time looking at different methods to remedy the problem and one thing that kept coming up was fabric softener and water spritzed on the hair.

Here is what I did…

This is one of the Barbies mentioned earlier.


I gathered what I needed which was…a Barbie, some fabric conditioner, a small spray bottle and a comb. I put 2 tbls of fabric conditioner into the spray bottled and filled it up with cold water.


Then I sprayed Barbies hair, front and back, until it was saturated.


I combed through the hair thoroughly to get out all that tangle, it does with relative ease. I rinsed out the fabric conditioner (carefully so as not to re-tangle!) and then let her hair dry in a warm spot.


And Barbie now has straight smooth hair again!


Eboni is really happy now her Barbie looks neat again.

Now to tackle the rest of the box!


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